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  • Which of the Food Tribe is Right For You? 4 Hot Diet Trends

    Just host a dinner party (I dare you), and you’ll realize how fractured American dietary preferences have become. You’ll likely be bombarded with news of your guests’ gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan lifestyles. Some may have gone paleo or decided to quit sugar.   For many dietary restrictions are not an option...
  • Order Chocolate Before April 2nd

    Warm weather and nice days are almost here.  As nice as that is for being outside and in the garden, it does create some changes in our shipping department.  Starting on April 2nd we will not be shipping chocolate products.  Though they will be back in September when the weather...
  • Introducing Fishpeople Seafood

    Fishpeople loves seafood and the sea it comes from. This means combining wild fish, sustainably caught, with West Coast harvested ingredients to create a convenient gourmet seafood meal that you can eat anytime, anywhere. Fishpeople Seafood believes in full transparency and that you should know about the food you eat: pole to...
  • Get Ready for Summer Grilling

    Summer is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the nice weather and fresh air.  Nothing is better on a summer day than to enjoy food fresh from the grill.  Whether it is an old family recipe or something new, grilling brings out the unique flavor in food.  The...
  • The Paleolithic Diet

    The Paleolithic Diet The paleolithic diet or paleo diet for short, in simple terms is a nutritional system in which you only use items that would have been used by early humans during the period prior to the agricultural era that started about 10,000 years ago.  Key components to the...

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