Fearns Soya Food Pancake Mix - Unbleached Wheat and Soya - 2 lb

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Unbleached wheat and soya. 100% Natural. No added sugar. Fearn Unbleached Wheat and Soya Pancake Mix: Turn an ordinary meal into something with Fearn Unbleached Wheat and Soya Pancake Mix. Our unique combination of unbleached wheat flour and soya powder adds a sweet, natural flavor to any recipe. Without any added sugar. No matter what you're preparing - pancakes or waffles for breakfast, nut bread for snack, or muffins for dinner, Fearn unbleached wheat and soya pancake mix bakes up light, fluffy and flavorful. Not only is our pancake mix full of flavor, it's full of essential nutrients. Made with 100% natural ingredients, this Fearn pancake mix is a healthy, tasty addition to any diet. Fearn pancake mix is easy to prepare, too. Taste for yourself just how good nature can be by using the recipes on this container. Fearn Natural Foods: You'll find the nutritious, natural goodness you're looking for in Fearn Unbleached Wheat and Soya Pancake Mix. Our pancake mixes are high in fiber content and exceptional flavor - without added sugars. For more than 60 years, we've been making high-quality natural foods. Each ingredient is personally selected and tested for purity - nothing artificial ever goes into our products. Made in USA.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review